Sterilized Rye Berries with Self Healing Injection Port (5lb Bag)



5 Pounds of sterilized, supplemented rye berries in a Unicorn 3T Grow bag with Self Healing Injection Port.

Bag includes high efficiency 0.2 Micron filter patch, as well as rubber self healing injection port for easy and sterile inoculation.

Rye berries are hydrated to field capacity, supplemented with gypsum, and sterilized to ensure optimal mycelial growth. We use clean, 100% organic, regionally grown rye berries in all of our products.

This product must be opened and used only in a clean, sterile environment. We recommend the use of a laminar flow hood or still air box.If inoculating with liquid culture through the injection port, a completely sterile environment is not required: though we do recommend cleaning everything thoroughly with 70% isopropyl alcohol and flame sterilizing the needle (until red hot) just before inoculation.

We guarantee contamination free products upon arrival. If you receive your order and observe any type of contamination, please promptly take pictures BEFORE OPENING THE STERILE PACKAGING. Contact us with the photos and we will be happy to replace your order, free of charge.

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