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Welcome to Leafcutter Farms!

We are a small scale biodynamic farm located in Southwestern Colorado, 20 miles South of Durango and 2 miles North of the New Mexico Border. At our farm we focus on sustainably producing gourmet mushrooms and vegetables, as well as fruits, herbs, and other natural products. We also provide high quality cultivation supplies and educational services for growing gourmet mushrooms at home!

We are passionate about creating relationships with our community to connect people back to their food.
We utilize permaculture and bio-centric practices to sustainably cultivate our gourmet mushrooms, along with crops and other natural products. With one of our main focuses at the farm being building soil fertility, we take extra care in choosing our cultivation methods – including completely removing all chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  An ever changing mixture of biological controls, cover cropping, crop rotation, and mulching are the center points of our pest management system. We produce our own high quality compost on site using a variety of organic material, spent mushroom substrate, and manure from our chickens and goats. We also manage an extensive vermiculture system to produce high quality castings.  

We strive to grow high quality, nutrient dense mushrooms and produce for the local community in Southwestern CO and the 4 corners region- and to provide a resource of mycological knowledge/education for the area and beyond!

You can find us at the Durango Farmers Market starting this season (2021).The varieties of mushrooms we offer locally can also be ordered online dehydrated, powdered, or fresh.


Cultivation Supplies

We offer only quality tested cultivation supplies that we use in our own lab and on the farm for our gourmet mushrooms! Whether a large scale operation, a hobby mushroom grower, or brand new to mushroom cultivation, we have what you need to grow mushrooms with high yields and low contamination rates.
We offer a variety of cultivation products, all produced under sterile conditions with the use of lab grade laminar flow hoods (Manufactured by LM Air Technology) and high quality pressure sterilization.
We are also proud to use 100% USDA Organic, regionally grown rye berries for all of our spawn and grain bags. We strive to ensure that our customers receive high quality products at an affordable price, with excellent customer service.