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Durango, Colorado

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Justin Crouse grew up in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado.
After living in Durango after graduating high school, he moved to Fort Collins to complete his bachelors degree in Natural Resource Management at CSU, minoring in Rangeland Ecology and Spatial Information Management (GIS). After graduating, Justin worked with the Colorado State Forest Service, and as Repurposed Material Manager for a commercial recycling company.  
Justin’s interest in mushrooms began during his time with the State Forest Service, and over the course of 3 years, mushroom cultivation grew from a hobby to a full-time passion.


Victoria is passionate about connecting community members to their food. She believes that food is medicine and everyone has a right to affordable, high quality produce. She has worked for a variety of sectors in agriculture including community farms, xeriscape landscaping, compost education & pollinator research. In 2019 she graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in soil and crop science with an organic agriculture concentration. As a passionate steward of the Earth she actively pursues opportunities to educate and facilitate experiences in sustainable organic agriculture. When she’s not covered in soil or helping care for the mushrooms you can find her hiking with her dog Tuna, embroidering clothing, or foraging in the mountains.